Our EduSmart Portal allows parents to follow their children’s progress at school in a highly secured, password protected and read-only environment. Each parent and student will be given a username and password to access the student records from anywhere via the Internet. Parents and students have access to the following information.

We have enhanced the EduSmart Portal by implementing an online classroom to complement the existing student information module (SRS-Web), as part of the services offered by the school in line with its smart school policy. The same virtual learning environment is also used by some large universities to provide online courses. The online classroom comes with many features like chat, forum, quiz, workshops, lessons and education resources which can provide a total learning environment. It is a platform to provide additional learning support for our students so that their learning need not be confined to school hours only.

Students benefit from learning from the vast resources from the Internet. Nowadays young people are comfortable and conversant with technology as can been seen from the amount of time they spend on computers. Through the online classroom, we hope to channel some of those hours spent on more fruitful learning activities. The teachers have been instructed on how to use the online classroom and will be carrying out pilot projects to use it to supplement their class lessons. We believe that we are one of the first few schools in Malaysia to provide such an advanced virtual learning environment to our students. It is hoped that this will help instill a habit of self-learning by providing these self-accessed resources to our students.

Please click on the button below to enter to EduSmart Portal:

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