Sekolah Sri UCSI Springhill, Port Dickson is a Microsoft Showcase School that embraces new ideas, tools, and practices that differ from normal tradition. Our emphasis on innovation in schools is presented through our dedication toward impactful educational methodologies such as pedagogy, approaches, systems, procedures, collaborations, and infrastructure.  

We take ownership of our own development and improvement, and this has motivated us to apply for World’s Best School 2022 under the category of World’s Best School – Innovation. This application process requires us to reflect, gather evidence, and identify best practices in areas for possible improvement.

UNICEF’s approach for innovation aims to ensure education is accessible to every child regardless of race, region, or religion. Innovation in education can enhance education outcomes through programmes, services, processes, products, and partnerships. Innovation in education is more than introducing new technology, it is about solving a real problem in a simpler and newer approach to promote equity and improve learning.

This innovation appears in various forms such as engaging experiences, improved access, relevance, and quality with a focus on a student-centered approach that encourages autonomy, self-expression while providing an inclusive learning environment. It will require the ability to utilise technology to personalise learning experiences which create stronger shared consciousness with all the key stakeholders in a student’s education.

The World Best School Prizes is created by T4 Education, a global organisation supported by Microsoft Education which is committed to providing engaging tools, initiatives, and events to improve education. This is also a mechanism that seeks to democratise school-based expertise by providing schools with an opportunity to share and celebrate their achievements and by doing so make a sizable contribution to attaining the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – Education.

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