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Sekolah Sri UCSI Springhill Leads in Technology; Becomes the only Private National School in Malaysia to Earn Microsoft Showcase Title for Two Consecutive Years.

Sekolah Sri UCSI Springhill continues to be a leader of learning in respect of digital technology, in creating and nurturing student-centred, immersive, and inclusive experiences that inspires lifelong learning so students are empowered to achieve more through the development of essential future-ready skills.

This is the second year Sekolah Sri UCSI Springhill has been awarded Showcase School status for supporting a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement. The nomination process for the current round of schools was much more rigorous than in previous years. To be accepted again as a Showcase School, we had to demonstrate through evidence that we were operating at an extremely high level of leadership competence towards transforming learning within the school. Showcase Schools are characterized by thoughtful leaders who empower educators and students to re-imagine and re-design leading, teaching, and learning in their schools. They work closely with Microsoft to learn about global trends in education, test new ideas locally, and adjust these ideas based on the specific needs of their communities and students.

It’s a fantastic achievement for Sri UCSI Springhill to receive this accolade for a second consecutive year. We are the only private national school in Malaysia to learn the title of a Microsoft Showcase School for two years consecutively for Cohort 2021/2022 and 2022/2023. As a Microsoft Showcase School, our students, staff, and community will benefit from billions of pounds of research and knowledge that we would have otherwise not have had access to. We all know that technology is constantly changing, and we have to keep up with it if we are to provide the skills our learners deserve and the support our staff needs.

It is vital for our students to be equipped with the knowledge and practical experience of using the latest technology available on the market. Almost all careers now require you to be literate in using digital skills and we are here to give our students the best opportunity to progress in their lives once they complete their studies with us at Sri UCSI Springhill.

At Sekolah Sri UCSI Springhill, we amplify the use of technology to drive school-wide transformation and efficiencies. We also emphasise personalised learning for our students through the use of 1:1 learning devices and learning with current technology such as Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Education, OneNote, and more.

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