Four secondary school students from Sekolah Sri UCSI Springhill were chosen to participate in the BIEA 2021 International STEM Youth Innovation Competition. They were Lee Jia Xin, Kon Hui Ying, Lau Min Hui, and Lee Zi Yang. The Eagle was the name of their group. The theme of the 2021 competition reflected two major concepts which were Technological Innovation and The Replacement of Plastic Packaging: (Re)Pack to restore our world. This year’s competition featured ways food can be conveniently (re)packaged without using plastic by students. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, BIEA had rolled out this year’s competition online, with entries submitted via email. Our students have worked so hard on completing the project since January 2021, and we were able to submit our innovative project in June 2021. The competition involved report writing, innovation (prototyping), and experimentation. The competition was coordinated by our teacher, Harshana.

Our students were creative and innovative as they created an edible cup for liquid storage, created containers from polymorph plastic to store lightweight and granular food, and created a food wrap from beeswax for sandwich-based food. Inspired, encouraged, and motivated by their teachers and parents, the budding scientists of Sri UCSI Springhill displayed different models and experiments with great enthusiasm and excitement. The competition provided a platform for scientific explorations and innovations for our future scientists.

Science begins with wonders, scientific temperament and rational thinking.”



P1 with lightweight food

P2 with sandwich-based food


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