In the previous Asian Science and Math Olympiads (ASMO) 2020, Sekolah Sri UCSI Springhill students, Lee Jia Xin and Chow Kai Cheng represented the school and the state of Negeri Sembilan at the ASMO National Level. We are proud to announce the following success:

FORM 4 (2020)

Lee Jia Xin – MERIT AWARD – National Level

FORM 1 (2020)

Chow Kai Cheng – GOLD AWARD – State Level

  Asian Science and Maths Olympiad (ASMO) is a competition platform designed to challenge and evaluate students’ knowledge in Mathematics and Science. With the expansion of STEM education worldwide, students are tested on their skills to meet the science and technology challenges. Asian Science and Maths Olympiad is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Congratulations to both our winners for their incredible performance and for making us proud.