At Sekolah Sri UCSI Kuala Lumpur, our teachers are all well qualified and experienced not only to deliver our local and international curriculum, but also educate our students to be global citizens. Learn more about our teachers and find out how we integrate technology and IT skills into core curriculum and CCA programmes to ensure our students have the skills to succeed in the fast-paced development of the 21st century.

Chris Edmunds

Head of Campus, UCSI Schools Kuala Lumpur

Mogantheren A/L R. Bhaskaran

Senior Assistant (Student Affairs)

Ng Sock Yin

Year 1 Homeroom, Music, Mandarin and Mathematics Teacher

Kelly Ching Ko Ying

Year 1 Assistant Homeroom, Mandarin and Mathematics Teacher

Fam Sheau Shy

Year 2 Homeroom, BM and Sejarah Teacher

Ng Kim Hong

Year 3 Homeroom and English Teacher

Cabita R Selvaraji

Year 4 Homeroom and Science Teacher

Chitra Letchumanan

Year 5 Homeroom, IT and BM Teacher

Siti Emillia

Year 6 Homeroom and BM Teacher

Mohd Azim Bin Odenan

Form 1 Assistant Homeroom, PE, Swimming, Geografi and Agama Islam Teacher

Nor ‘Aisyah bt Mior Muhammad

Form 2 Homeroom, English and BM Support Teacher

Dr Menaga Ilangkovan

Form 4 Homeroom, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Teacher

Ezzatulhafinas binti Md Suhaimi

Sejarah and EAL Teacher

Gurney Nga

Mathematics and Design & Technology Teacher

Rupasree Ganesan

Primary Assistant Homeroom, English, and Art Teacher

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