Microsoft Office 365 empowers our teachers to unlock creativity, promote teamwork and better collaboration across the classroom, as well as provide a simple and safe experience in one affordable solution. We ensure that our students and educators always have access to the latest feature innovations; with automatic updates for Office 365 and Windows 10, as well as being able to experience new technologies such as Minecraft: Education Edition for students, and OneNote for teachers.

This is how we think Microsoft Office 365 can transform learning at Sekolah Sri UCSI Kuala Lumpur:

Giving students tools they need to succeed

Microsoft 365 Education can level the playing field, and ensure every student has the tools they need to succeed. Minecraft: Education Edition has had a broad impact on teaching and learning, and connects educators right across the globe. It facilitates a project-based learning environment that allows students to develop skills that can prepare them for the modern workforce:

  • 97.7% is Problem Solving
  • 95.5% is Creativity 
  • 93.3% is Critical Thinking
  • 91.1.% is Collaboration
  • 88.8% is Decision Making
  • 86.6% is Communication

Unlock creativity in each student

  • Spark creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving with immersive and engaging apps.
  • Enhance independence for students of all abilities with intelligent tools.
  • Bring ideas to life in 3D and data visualization tools.

Promote teamwork

  • Collaborate and save educators time with a single hub for classes and teams.
  • Easily connect with others and co-author in real time.
  • Meet the needs of individual students with a universal toolkit to connect, share and communicate in class and out.

Provide a simple and safe experience

  • Manage users, data, and devices with a single dashboard.
  • Protect identity, apps, data, and devices with intelligent security enhanced by machine learning.
  • Manage data archiving, governance, and discovery.

At Sri UCSI Kuala Lumpur, we are committed to providing our students with the tools that keep them engaged, develop future-ready skills, and empower every student to achieve more by promoting communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

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