We value our staff as our most important asset. In line with this, we provide our teaching staff with an attractive and motivating environment in order for them to give their best to the students. We also continually develop our staff by providing regular on-the-job training and further external training, using our considerable resources under the UCSI Group.

In our pursuit to provide our students with a world-class holistic education, we handpick qualified and dedicated teachers who have a genuine love for teaching and want to make teaching their career. It is of paramount importance to our school that each teacher shares in our mission of providing quality education with genuine care.

All our teachers are required to take the pledge of commitment below:


Teachers’ Pledge

We, the teachers of Sri UCSI,

  • subscribe to the National Education Philosophy;
  • accept our professional responsibilities as teachers;
  • embrace the mission of the school to provide education with genuine care;
  • recognise the key role we play in fulfilling that mission; and

hereby pledge to do our utmost to

  • fulfil the vision and mission of Sri UCSI
  • be guided by our Core Shared Values
  • uphold our code of conduct.


Core Shared Values

Being consistent, sincere and honest.

Treating others as we would like others to treat us.

Respecting the individuality and dignity of each person.

Love and care
Showing genuine concern for the welfare of others.

Working hard to fulfill all our responsibilities.


In relation to pupils

  • We will teach in a manner that respects the dignity and rights of all students without prejudice as to race, religious beliefs, colour, sex, physical characteristics, age, ancestry or place of origin.
  • We will channel our best endeavour and do everything that is necessary to spur our students to learn.
  • We will plan beforehand, be prepared for the lessons and be on time to teach the classes to the best of our abilities.
  • We will not divulge information about a pupil received in confidence or in the course of our professional duties except to the person who needs to know or, in the judgment of the school, to do so is in the best interest of the pupil.
  • We will not engage in practices which conflict with our responsibility to treat every student fairly.
  • We will not take advantage of a professional position to profit from the sale of goods or services to or for pupils in the teachers charge.
  • We will not physically abuse, or be sexually intimate, or be romantically involved with any student.


In relation to staff

  • We will not undermine the confidence of pupils in other teachers. In particular, we will not speak ill about another colleague to the students.
  • We will hold each other accountable for a high standard of professional performance and will give one another constructive feedback to help one another improve.
  • We will criticise the professional competence or professional reputation of another teacher only in confidence to proper officials, and after the other teacher has been informed of the criticism.
  • We will not engage in destructive criticism, negative gossip or take any steps to undermine other teachers or teamwork amongst staff.