datinIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Sri UCSI’s new website. Apart from the futuristic new layout, this website is optimised to provide frequent updates of life at the School and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your browsing experience with us.

While new approaches are refreshing, I must point out that some things never change – and they never should. This applies to Sri UCSI’s commitment to excellence and holistic education. Quality Education with Genuine Care has been our promise to students and parents since we first opened our doors in 2002 and it is still our promise today. Thousands of students have benefited from it and nothing delights me more than to see them graduating with confidence, ready to take on the world.

The School’s ethos is based on truths we hold to be self-evident. That effective learning can only take place with unconditional care and support. The human factor – so often overlooked – must be ever-present and this sees us working hard to source the right teachers who will make a telling difference in all they do. Teachers who care inspire their students to do the same and I’m happy to know that they are here at Sri UCSI.

Apart from equipping students with the aptitude to excel in their studies, Sri UCSI seeks to be a place where memories live on in time. Growing up is a period everyone should cherish and we are happy to provide students with opportunities to showcase their talent. With musicals and sporting events planned throughout the year, our students can shine on any stage and we want them to look back with pride in the future and say, “I was part of this.”

As I look beyond the dedicated staff and enthusiastic students at Sri UCSI, I must applaud the parents for their unwavering support and participation over the years. Sri UCSI would not be a preferred school for thousands of students today without you. Thank you for participating in this meaningful journey of education with us.

In the end, these are things that matter most in a student’s rite of passage to adulthood. Love and kindness foster the right environment for learning while a commitment to excellence raises aspirations. This is the secret behind our success and with the encouraging support, I’m sure Sri UCSI will continue to grow as a preferred primary and secondary school for all Malaysian students.

If life is likened to a game, everyone can be a winner. And at Sri UCSI, we will not rest until our students mature to become future leaders who will make their mark in an increasingly borderless world.

Datin Lily Ng
Chairperson, Board of Governors
Sri UCSI School