The School is always emphasising the importance of both academic excellence as well as extra co-curricular activities. The Primary School offers a variety of interesting co-curricular activities during school hours from 8.00am to 9.00am on Thursdays.

Uniformed Bodies

  • Cub Scouts (P3 to P6)
  • Brigade (P1 to P6)



  • Music Club (P4 to P6)
  • Acting & Dancing Club (P1 to P6)
  • Cooking Club (P3 to P6)
  • Little Chef (P1 to P2)
  • Nature Club (P4 to P6)
  • Junior Nature Club (P1 to P3)
  • Arts and Crafts Club (P1 to P6)
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club
  • Home Art (P3 to P6)


Sports/Games Clubs

  • Aerobic (P4 to P6)
  • Badminton (P3 to P6)
  • Basketball (P4 to P6)
  • Chess (P1 to P6)
  • Computer(P3 to P6)
  • Football (P4 to P6)
  • Junior Football (P1 to P3)
  • Netball (P4 to P6)
  • Table Tennis (P4 to P6)
  • Indoor Games (P1 to P6)
  • Telematch (P1 to P6)
  • Handball (P3 to P6)
  • Karate
  • Swimming
  • Ice-skating