Sri UCSI boasts a newly constructed library that serves as a reservoir of knowledge. From classics to textbooks and other reference materials, the library is well-equipped to meet the learning needs of our students. With comfy furniture to match, the library is actually one of the preferred hangout spots – minus the noise – on campus. Wifi services are also available in the library for all students.

Art Room


Designed to bring out the Rembrandt in our students, the art room is manned by professional art teachers. From colour pencils to crayons to water colour, the art room has all the tools to meet the needs of our young art aficionados. To keep things fresh, origami and other special classes are conducted from time to time.

Sheltered Arch


While it is arguable whether this passes as a facility, the arch is an iconic landmark of Sri UCSI. A popular student haunt during breaks and lunch hours, the arch also passes as a cosy shelter for parents who are waiting for their children.



Offering a good variety of delicacies and Halal food, the canteen is one of the most popular locations at the School. Air-conditioned and comfy, the canteen offers packed lunches for junior students and parents can put their minds at rest with the daily spread that is readily available.

Music Room


The music room is another strong draw of the School. With classes taught by professional music teachers, students can readily pursue their musical affinities. Piano classes are currently conducted and violin and guitar lessons will soon follow.



All classrooms are air-conditioned and spacious and create a conducive environment for the students’ studies and development.

Football, Volleyball and Basketball Court


Sri UCSI also has a football field and a volleyball court where students involve themselves in development of their physical aptitude to the fullest.

Computer Lab


The computer lab is equipped with the latest hardware and software, to provide the students with a platform to enhance their proficiency in utilising information technology in this computer-driven era.