Enhancement Programme

Orientation Programme

Orientation Programme includes the Orientation Day where it is to introduce new students to the school environment by having a school tour enabling them to get to know their fellow classmates and teachers and they will have a brief introduction to school organization, rules and regulations by the principal.  As part of the orientation programme, on the first week of the school, students will have many ice breaking activities in the classroom to make themselves comfortable and familiar with the classroom environment and the teachers.

Educational Trip

It is the objective of our school to provide quality education to the students. Through the twice-a-year educational trips, students will gain valuable educational opportunities away from the classroom. This enable them to widen their knowledge and experience while having fun in a more informal environment.

Student Leadership Training Programme

The leadership training is specially organized for our student leaders of Prefect Board, Library Board, various Uniformed Bodies, Clubs and Games. This is to help our student leaders to develop their leadership and communication skills, at the same time to build more effective teamwork among them.

Academic Fair

Academic exhibitions are organized for the students to explain what they have learnt in school to their parents and their fellow friends. This helps to strengthen the school-home partnership and at the same time provide a platform for the students to hone their presentation skills.

Study Camp and Academic Workshop

Academic Workshops are organized during school holidays to help the students with their academic progress. UPSR workshops are facilitated by experienced examiners and master teachers who help students prepare for their examinations by sharing useful exam answering techniques and guide to develop effective study strategies.