Yes, as part of the enrolment process all new students are required to take the Placement Test before receiving a place at Sri UCSI KL. We also offer Online Placement Tests for students seeking a safer option.  

The school hours for Primary Years will be from 8.00am – 3.10pm, while Secondary Years will be 8.00am – 3.55pm. On Fridays both Primary and Secondary Years finishes at 12.45pm. CCA will be every Monday 3.10 – 4.45pm, Wednesday at 4.00pm – 4.45pm and Friday at 1.30pm – 2.30pm (optional CCA)

Yes, we do offer Mandarin classes. It is compulsory from Standard 1-Form 3, and students without prior Mandarin competency will be separated according to beginner and intermediate/advanced level.

HSK is an international standardised examination recognised by China. Yes, there are additional fees with regards to the examination, but taking the HSK exam is optional.

We use recommended books for the HSK examination during our Mandarin lessons. Should they choose to sit for the examination, they will be well-prepared for it.

We incorporate the use of Microsoft Education (Office 356, MakerCode, Hacking STEM, & Minecraft Education) into our teaching and learning sessions, both during classes as well as CCAs.

Yes, the private school students will have access to the same facilities. The classrooms for both international and private will remain separated.

No, these classes are already included in your Tuition Fees. Swimming, Coding & Robotics are regarded as essential 21st Century skills, therefore, it is compulsory for all students to attend.

The profile, qualifications, and experiences of the teacher are uploaded in our website. You may read about our teachers here.

For the most part, the national syllabus for Mathematics and Science will be our main focus, but the Cambridge syllabus will be merged into the lessons as well.

Students will be selected based on their PT3 and Checkpoint results.

Students from Primary 4 onwards will be required to bring along a laptop. Primary 1 to Primary 3 will be using the school’s ICT labs.

Laptops/PCs will be used during designated lessons for educational purposes, besides assigning classwork/homework, research, etc.

Cambridge subjects will share learning time with the National Curriculum. Extra classes will be provided as and when deemed necessary by the subject teacher.

Given the current MOE’s SOP during the CMCO, meal plans (optional) are offered to all students. In future, meal plans will only be offered to Primary 1 to Primary 3.

Yes, we have a list of bus and van transporters who can arrange transport to school. You may refer to our transport list here:

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